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Mission:  Fun and educational group outings to provide an avenue for social interaction among children, youth, and Etuti volunteers, which helps build trust and unbreakable bonds, learn from one another, and exchange ideas.

2016 Trips

  • Bowling and Dinner with 35 Internally Displaced Youth from Karma camp in Erbil.
  • Picnic (games, lunch, snacks) with 150 Internally Displace Kids and Youth from Nishtiman camp in Erbil.
  • Movie Night and Dinner with 55 Internally Displaced Youth from Amal and Shlama camps in Erbil.
  • Family Mall Arcade Center and Lunch with 50 Internally Displaced Kids from ACERO, Sawra, and Aodrana camps in Nohadra (Duhok).
  • Assyrian Heritage Site, Family Mall Bowling, and Dinner with 15 Internally Displaced Youth from ACERO and Aodrana camps in Nohadra (Duhok)
  • Movie Night and Dinner with 45 Internally Displaced Kids from Shlama camp in Erbil.